Back in the days of The Moffat Road photography was not very prevalent. Postcards were a great way to keep in contact with the folks back home and to document a fun trip to the mountains. The railroads loved to advertise via postcards, brochures and picture books that were sold on the train and at stations. So, I'm applying an old concept to a new medium and putting together this online scrapbook as a place to bring together old advertising memorabilia from The Moffat Road.

If you are interested in learning more about The Moffat Road, check out the bibliography link on the Moffat Road home page. Although most of these books are out of print, the internet has made it possible to find many of the books through websites such as and You can also check out the Denver & Salt Lake Historical Society link, which puts out several terrific magazines each year that are full of lots of historical information on The Moffat Road.

What you see now is a collection of over 650 different pictures from postcards, brochures, timetables, picture books and photographs from The Moffat Road. Since one of the main purposes of these items was advertising, the creators often took artistic liberty with them. Many of the items were originally black & white photographs that were painted to add the color. In several cases you will see two or more different versions of the same picture, some with trains, some without. There are even two versions of a single Yankee Doodle Lake picture, with and without the snowshed. Therefore, don't count on these cards for historic accuracy.

So, pop yourself an ice cold Pepsi, sit back and take a virtual ride on The Moffat Road. If you want to see a larger version of an item, simply click on it. The postcards are sorted east to west over The Hill. Since the Moffat Tunnel came later, it's at the end. I also have a few mystery cards that come from who knows where. Take a look and let me know if you know where they were taken. By the way, if you have any cards or books that I haven't shown here, drop me an email.

Thanks go out to everyone who made their collections available for this page. The initials of the owner of each item are listed under the enlarged images. The following people have contributed items:

Thanks, and enjoy the ride.