1904 Moffat Road Construction Photos:

These wonderful construction photos were made available by Andrea Kirsch and her father Robert Tyler.  Most of these are new to Moffat fans and many were taken by Andrea's great-grandfather, Charles Crocker, who was born in Missouri in 1872.  Please enjoy and Thank You Andrea for sharing these great photos.

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The purpose of the Denver & Salt Lake Historical Society is to research and preserve the history of the Denver & Salt Lake and its predecessor, the Denver Northwestern & Pacific.  Our primary function is to find and present unpublished material before it is lost forever.  The Society publication, the Corona Telegraph, covers the DNW&P and D&SL up to and including the merger years with the Rio Grande.  From time to time, we publish additional plans and data sheets that do not fit in a magazine format.  Members are also invited to participate in Occasional Field Excursions to visit and discuss features of the railroad where it all happened.

The Rollins Pass Restoration Association, a non-profit organization, was incorporated in 1983 by a group of people who, like David Moffat, had a dream.  We would support the restoration of the Needle's Eye Tunnel, assist in preserving as much of the original road as possible, and work towards restoring the road to the condition as in 1979: a rural mountain road which would be used by two wheel drive vehicles.

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